Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Race So Far

I haven't posted any pics until now of the progress on the New Zealand Pullover for my Ravelympics Event, seeing as well it was just the body in nothing but stocking stitch. It's not that exciting to photograph. Now, I've completed the gussets, completed the short rows for the angle on the yoke and started the garter stitch yoke.

I know I had my problems with the look of the stitches when swatching before. I'm thinking it was really needle size, I was getting the correct gauge with the bigger needles, but was forcing it, the smaller needles made all the difference.
Loving the yarn! The color is exactly what I'd hoped for and I'm really looking forward to wearing this sweater. Deep red with flecks.
I had a couple of knitting blibs last night and this morning. I was too into watching the olympics last night and screwed up my short rows, so I ripped them out and went to bed. This morning I reknit the short rows and then started the yoke, I was watching the end of the movie Tess of D'urbervilles and screwed up the row where you knit up the wraps, so had to rip that out and reknit it. Now, I'm back on track, hopefully.

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Jessica said...

You've gotten so much done. I just realized tonight that I knit my sleeves too long. I'm bummed I wasted all that time but I suppose it could be much worse.