Thursday, July 31, 2008

I lied!

So, I lied on yesterday's post, here are a couple of pics of projects worked on this week.
It's all curled up on the edge (I haven't put the ribbing on the bottom yet) but this is the body of the sweater.

An unblocked Bartholomew's Tantalizing Sock. The linen stitch gives the yarn a stained glass effect.

It is a perfect souvenir sock for our Mackinac Island vacation. I'm starting on the second sock, but am pretty convinced I'm going to run out and will need to order more yarn.


Denise said...

The sock is beautiful. I really hope you find another skein.
Have a great vacation!!!

Carrie K said...

Hope springs eternal. Against all reasonable odds. Good luck getting your yarn!

Your vacation sounds fabulous. I'm watching a History Channel Marvel's episode on the Mackinac bridge.

Order more yarn. Preventative measures must be taken.