Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chat with Meg

Me (calling Schoolhouse Press): Hello, this is Kim DeMille and I just returned from Camp 2 and, in reviewing my knitting bag contents, discovered that I had a couple of items that I had purchased that were not on my Brown Book Invoice and I wanted to make sure that I paid for them.

Meg Swansen: Hello Kim. This is Meg Swansen. Weren't you the camper with the February Lady Sweater?

Me: Yes, that was me (note: I'm sure that I was supposed to say, That was I, but I was a little shocked that it was Meg on the phone).

Meg and I then discuss the items that I needed to add to my purchase. Then ...

Meg: Oh, Kim, I heard all about you from Amy D. and Michelle that you were doing the most wonderful impressions of accents from the British Isles. Apparently you had them rolling on the floor. I was so disappointed that I missed it. It won't be the same over the phone. If you ever come to Camp again please make sure that I get to hear you.

We finish the call with some chit chat about how she thinks that I do a wonderful American accent now, but that sometimes I sound Canadian.

I hang up the phone, and mumble to myself that I'm so glad that she remembers me for the funny accents and not for how RoseKimKnits, Earthtonegirl and I goofed around in the knitted GIMP masks or how we got into a heated conversation at the local restaurant while at dinner with Amy and her daughter-in-law Michelle.


Marina said...

Eh, February Lady sweater? What happened to the Mimbres vest?

Denise said...

Being remembered by Meg Swansen...Priceless.

Carrie K said...

Oooh, so cool!

What Mimbres vest?