Monday, November 03, 2008


I met my friend at the Quilting store on Saturday to see her quilt that she was turning in for machine quilting. It was just supposed to be a quick five minute visit. Two hours later, we both left with flannel material for quilts. I admit, I started it, but like all good friends, dragged Deb along for the ride.

I had this idea to whip out a couple of very simple brickwork style flannel quilts for the boys for Christmas. I started with the idea of just using blues, browns, and greens.

But then a red piece of fabric was sat next to my pile of flannel and quickly I added the red.

Now, here's where you all come in. Do you like just the mellow browns, blues and greens, or the fuller spectrum of colors? Tell me what you think?

When I was in Mackinaw City, Cynthia's Fine Yarns had a huge selection of Frog Tree and I was sucked into its fibery vortex and walked away with yarn for quite a few projects. I know - black, not the most interesting color choice, but was good for the mood I was in at that time. It's Frog Tree Merino and the pattern is about as simple as it gets. Although it's black, it's perfect TV knitting, because it's so mindless. Will whip up very fast, if I can just stay focused for five minutes.


Marina said...

Remind me not to go shopping with you ;-)

Hmm! I would have stopped after the Green only because blue and green is my favourite combination. But I'm considering making "mostly green" curtains for a room that will be painted red!

PS - Sorry about previous comment which I must have written while half asleep. In no shape or form was I slamming your preferred candidate as she is new to Jamieson Spindrift.

Carrie K said...

I really love your new blog....wallpaper? Gorgeous.

The multi colored spectrum looks best to me. Quilting sounds like fun right now.

Everyone needs a simple black sweater.

Anonymous said...


I prefer the color range with the red tone added - just a splash adds a nice touch!

Don't you love Cynthia's in Mackinaw City? I also have done a couple projects with the Frog Tree and love them!
Chris in Stevens Point