Monday, November 17, 2008

Why didn't you tell me about this????

I came across this blog yesterday and I'm loving it. The tech articles are so helpful.

The weather has turned rather chilly in Wisconsin suddenly and I have lots of little heads to keep covered in this family, so I'd whipped up a hat for one of the boys in some Berroco Pure Merino (I'm seriously loving this yarn - knits like butta') and was looking at their pattern/articles on knitting 2x2 hats with a flat top. They have some pretty neat tricks - check it out. They referred you to a link for an easy kitchener stitch for grafting the top stitches together on the hat. That's when I discovered a way of doing kitchener that just sinks in, too easy to remember and more importantly I don't have to dig around for the ever lost darning needle. You actually knit the Kitchener stitch. I'm sure you've all heard of this before, and I'm the last one to catch on, but I think it's totally awesome.

I'll try and snap a pic of the littlest guy in his new hat, as soon as I weave the ends in.


Nancy said...

Yes, isn't it a great blog? She's on Raveltu, yoo. Also, she lives not all that far away from you!!!

Carrie K said...

She does have great info on her blog. I didn't know about the knitted kitchener though! Kitchener is basically darning the knit stitch.

Marina said...

If you find out who she is, I would love to know!