Monday, September 07, 2009


Okay, I've heard that I was a little too vague on the last post, so here are some details.

The dog is a Male Cockapoo that turned 10 weeks on Sunday. We picked him up on Saturday. We got him from a breeder because we needed to be sure of the parentage as our reason for getting that type of dog is we have three people with dog allergies in this house. We never thought we'd be able to get a dog because of them and we are thrilled to have him. Unfortunately, Madison has been having some problems this weekend that we are still trying to determine if they are dog allergy related or something else. She was having problems with her asthma due to season allergies earlier in the week. We're all worried that if it's dog allergies then we will have to return the wee one, but we all understand and agree that as cute as he is, it's not worth risking Madison's ability to breathe. Seeing as the Cute Guy and Caleb are doing fine with the dog and they normally have pretty bad dog allergies, the doctor is not suspecting that to be her problem. The pollen count has been in red alert in our area this past weekend and that may be the problem. Say a prayer, cross your fingers, meditate postive energy our way or whatever you may do, as we love this little pup already and would hate for Madison to feel bad about our having to return the dog.

We do not have a name decided on yet. I'm not sure if that's partly our way to not get too attached to the puppy in case we have to return him, but that hasn't seemed to stop us from repeatedly telling him how much we love him and snuggling him lots too. The majority of the kids like Humvee for a name (predictable, aren't we?!) but I love the name Winston (the british part is coming out - and yes, I know he's not a british bulldog). Other names that have been thrown around are ORVie (after Off-Road Vehicle - again predictable), Churchill, Sir Licksalot and calling him Slick for short, snooker and many Austin Powers and Harry Potter characters names. I had wanted a brown cockapoo but those were all gone, and then i was going to call it Cadbury, no questions asked. oh well! Any ideas?

As for the surgery, it's just a minor surgery to remove some growths, biopsy them and do a couple of other things. The idea is that I will be home the same day. Unfortunately I have low blood pressure (about dead type low blood pressure - the kind the nurse double and triple checks when they take it) and I don't seem to wake up from anesthesia and react a little bad to the drugs, so have normally ended up staying in the hospital longer after surgery. This time the surgery is very short and I think it shouldn't be a problem. Only thing really working against me is that it's late in the day 4:30pm so that gives me less time to get feeling better before they decide to keep me in. For the record, I am not worried about this surgery or it's outcome at all. I have a good feeling about this one.

Can you see the resemblance of the puppy and my hair do when I was a teenager? (Could be worse, I could have the mall bangs my friend has in the photo)


Nancy said...

Awwww. He resembles "Gus, The second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania"! The PA lottery uses the cute animated stuffed critter in all ads.
Good thoughts on your surgery. Might take some mindless knitting along with you!

Denise said...

Thanks for the clarification (and your email) honey...don't worry us like that...we love you!!

I don't know who's cuter the vintage Kim or the puppy!!!!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

I had to come over and say hi! He is absolutely adorable - oh my goodness! He's the color that I originally wanted to get, a true red or apricot - he's beautiful!! Can't wait to hear more about him. :)