Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Want to come over for a Block Party

Marty at is having a block party. She has one just started and has extra quilters so is going to do a second block party. She still needs to fill some spots, anyone up for it? Come to the Block Party with us? If you're interested check out Marty's blog and comment that you're interested.

Lots of knitting has been taking place on my Rebecca cardigan, but it seems like a black hole of knitting for some strange reason. Maybe because I was sat there with a book in front of me every time I sat down to knit. Finished the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series and then devoured The Lost Symbol. Loved it, although I think the end was rather self indulgent on Dan Brown's part. He got a little carried away. Almost done listening to the Time Travelers Wife. I only listen when I'm on longer road trips, so it's taking a while.

Have been doing a little sewing, but am geared up to get hustling on a pile of projects that I've been prepping.

Last night I was watching my oldest son playing football against a team that their smallest player was as big as our biggest. I'm pretty sure that they've been giving the kids on that team the cow hormone, (can never remember the name B-something). They were huge and mean, and quite frankly played dirty. I've never watched a game this year with the 8th graders that had that many fouls. I'll be honest, I was expecting someone to get hurt and thought it would be bad. I actually thought it was likely to be Hubbub as he was up against the biggest guy on their team and had been doing a fairly good job, but this punk kept taking some late hits (and getting fouled for it, but that doesn't stop it from causing an injury). Luckily, he survived the game. I wandered off the field because the mama bear in me wanted to kick their coach's butt for such poor sportsmanship when one of the players came running over and told me that Dec (my 2nd son who was practicing on another field) was badly hurt.

It's amazing how fast you can run in heeled boots across a football field when the mood strikes. Dec was laid flat out with some EMS' checking out his foot. Apparently he'd heard a pop and he'd try to continue to playing. The second time it popped, he went down hard and couldn't get up. They had me take him right to the ER where it was checked out, xrayed, you know the usual good stuff. He luckily didn't break it, but had apparently bruised the tendon and had a bad sprain. They splinted it up, drugged him up and came home.

Now, I admit, I was almost excited when I awoke this morning that I would have to cancel all appointments and stay home and take care of Declan. Okay, I'll be honest, I was planning on having an excuse to stay home and sew and knit all day. Didn't work out. Around 9:30 he had his medicine as it was starting to hurt. By 10:30am, very uncharacteristically for Declan he was crying out which eventually turned to screaming and begging for the pain to stop. It completely freaked me out and Steve when he heard him. Seriously, this is not Dec's style. He was white knuckled for a few hours. The Ortho Surgeon decided he wanted to see him that afternoon as the pain wasn't letting up. They finally determined that he may have shifted his growth plate and because of all the swelling and trauma to that foot his leg was spasming and the splint was restricting him for moving his foot to ease the cramp, which ended up being a 3 hour charlie horse. Anyone who has had these remember how miserable they are. They took the splint off and gave him a boot and he's doing much better. Of course, that's after he stopped reacting to the Codeine they gave him.

So, an entire day has passed and I managed to knit 4 rows and only glance at the sewing machine. I have big hopes for tomorrow. He's supposed to be home still, but I'm trying not to jinx myself by dreaming of all that I'll get to do. Fingers crossed.

Just in case I actually get to play a little tomorrow, this is a list of some of what I'd like to work on:

1. Finish left front of Rebecca cardi and make progress on right side.
2. Sew apron for Madz
3. Sew some holiday place mats
4. Find next book to read and read a good chunk of it.
5. Bake something yummy - will need to be Gluten Free to make Dec's smile return
6. Bake something in the Crock Pot for dinner so I can play more
7. Make list of ufo's to finish by year end
8. Take pics for blog
9. Card for mum and dad's birthdays
10. Post on blog

I actually think it's a fairly manageable list if only I could get some free time. But then there is that matter of my four year old best friend who wanders around my house wanting me to play with him and the puppy who whines for me to play with him. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should revise my expectations....

So, what's on your list??


JoAnn said...

Good grief, girl - do you have 30 hours in a day? I hope you have time to chip away at that list of yours :)

My list is much smaller now that those 2 sweaters are finished. I'm working on a baby sweater for my niece using Summer Sox yarn - turning out really nice! Of course, there's unfinished socks, but no big projects at this time. Kinda nice that way.

I know, Girasole is still on the back burner. I'm kinda scared to get started on it. I need a support group! Let's plan a start date and a place to meet - soon.

Jessica said...

Poor Dec. I hope he's doing a lot better now. I used to sprain my ankles constantly when I was his age. I spent a lot of time on crutches. It's a real bummer.

Anonymous said...

My list is crazy busy right now so I'm just hoping to get through most of it soon.

Poor Declan!! I hope he's doing much, much better now. That sounds horrifying. YowzaOuch squared and cubed.

Denise said...

You're only a little busy...Poor Declan, my gosh!!
And your list is quite ambitious but I have know doubt you'll get it all done. All I want to do right now is finish my Vivian cardigan.