Monday, July 19, 2010

She gets it!

Knitting Camp was a wonderful experience as always. Jessica and I had such a great time and met some wonderful new knitting friends. I had the opportunity to meet some online knitting friends in person and reacquaint myself with old camp friends. Jessica and I managed to act a little more our age this year.... okay, maybe more like fifteen year olds instead of the thirteen-year olds last year. Camp has that effect on you though. We're all so giddy sitting at the feet of greatness (Meg) that we forget to act like grown ups. That mixed with the fact that very little sleep occurs at camp. I averaged around four hours of sleep a night.



(Left to Right: Jessica, Amy Detjen, and me - it always takes us at least three tries to get a picture where at least one of us is not talking.)

I knit like a maniac while at camp on my Lloie Cardigan and finally finished crocheting the steek at cutting it at Breakfast this morning with Amy Detjen, Jess, and the Indiana girls cheering on. Now, all I have to do is knit on the I-cord edging and sew the underarms.


I love this cardigan! It is probably my favorite project I have knit in a long time. It turned out exactly, if not better, than I had imagined. The colors worked out; the fit is perfect; it was fun to knit. So much fun, that I picked up the yarn to make another one for me and one for my daughter, Madison.

Talking of Madison.... Upon returning home I was showing her the yarn that I had purchased to knit her Lloie Cardigan, which she loved. I reminded Madison, who herself is a knitter with spot on tension and skill for a 9 year old), that it might take me a month or two to complete it. She replied "Well, that's the beauty of knitting!" I looked at her a little shocked and asked her what was the beauty of knitting. She replied "The fact that the cardigan will take a month or two to make is the beautiful thing. Knitting is all about knitting in lots of caring and loving stitches. That's why I love it! That's why you love it!"

Wow! She gets it! She really gets knitting!

Talk about a wonderful mum/daughter moment. Now, I'm really motivated to knit her sweater. Clever girl!


Vicki Knitorious said...

That is awesome!!

Jessica said...

Aw. She's a sharp one!
Missing you already. Wes is already getting sick of all my silly stories.

Denise said...

I can't wait to have a mum/daughter moment like that one. So happy you and Jessica had such a great time. I thought you all, all weekend....

Denise said...

Awww, I wanna come to camp with you.... and I want a 9 yr old who loves to knit and 'gets it'! I have the 9yr old, I just need the other bit, mine is totally not even interested in picking up stix :(

stitching under oaks said...

what an amazing time! the sweater is absolutely're my knitting hero! WoW! great job. can't wait to see it all finished. be ware of applied i-cord edging late at night! :)

Jen said...

So sweet! You've raised her well. :)