Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ramblings of Crazy Summer Days!

I've been running crazy this week and haven't had a chance to update the blog. I don't want to get on the "naughty list" with the SP8 gals, so I thought I'd post a quick update. Also, I've had quite the week for packages, so I want to thank my swap partners for a fun month of packages.

First, let me say a big thank you to my Dye-O-Rama pal - Karen G. She sent such a lovely skein of yarn that she dyed personally. I think the colors are perfect for a fun summer sock knitting project. She also included some chocolate, you will note that there is no evidence of said chocolate in the photo, as it was promptly eaten. I've told you before, I have chocolate issues. It was delicious - chocolate pigs - mmmm... are you trying to imply something here Karen, if you are - you're right when it comes to choco. She also included some handpainted soap which was very nice, but I forgot to photo it, as my daughter has taken off with it already - claiming it to be hers. Thank you again, Karen. You did a great job. You'll have to walk me through your dye job, so that I do a better job next time.

Next up, my package from my One Skein Secret Pal Partner, who sent me some lovely Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk in my favorite color. It's delicious and I'm trying to decide on projects - any suggestions knitters? Also included was some scrumptious Godiva chocolate - which deceivingly looks in tact in this picture, but the truffles were already gone. This yarn is heavenly and I keep fondling it and picturing different projects in it.

This past week, I took Steve's hummer to Appleton to get it serviced (driving 100 miles for an oil change - does that seem a little crazy to you?) but besides being a kind hearted and giving wife, I had alterior motives. I went to Iris, formerly known as Jane's Knitting Hutch. If you are ever in the Appleton, WI area I would strongly suggest you go there. It is divine. Tons of yarn, beautifully displayed, herbal tea for the drinking, friendly and knowledgable staff. My kids were delighted to be reckonized from their patterns for Black Purl and behaved well, so that I could grab some Rowan Classic knitting books I wanted and some Rowan Soft Baby in pink and blue for some baby gifts. (I know 8 people who are having children during Sept/Oct- apparently it was a cold winter).

When I was in Utah, I had stopped at Piper's Quilts and grabbed 10 balls of Rowan CashSoft DK in pale mauve and 10 balls of Rowan CashCotton 4ply in sea blue. It's delightful and I've fallen hook line and sinker. I'll post pics another time as I'm rushing to get ready for a wedding I'm attending early this afternoon.

The kids made the mistake of looking bored the other day, so I got them to work on a project, tearing out the bricks on the back path that leads to the deck. 25+ ft of pavers later, some new edging and liner installed and I'm still putting the bricks back. I'm sick of it, but am using Marji's method of 10 rows a day per knitting project and applying it to the path. 10 bricks a day, at least and then I can knit 10 rows. I'm 2/3 of the way completed with the path and am 7/8 of the way finished on a baby sweater in Rowan Baby Soft.

Steve took the two older boys and went to Hummer Homecoming this past week (the sturgis of hummer events) in South Bend, IN and had a blast. They took the camera so I couldn't snap any new pics of yarn and projects. I had thought with them gone I would have gotten tons of knitting done, but friends came to visit and the baby sweater is the extent of my knitting completed.

There's the update, it's rather disjointed and not the most thought out post, but it'll serve it's purpose. I'm going to try to take pics of new stash enhancement and project updates. Sadly, Eliz has made zero progress this week.


Carrie K said...

Eliz is started and stalled on my end too. I'm trying to finish the Critter Blankets for the Charity Drive by the 12th of next month, and then after that it's going to be all about ME!! lol.

Good plan on the path! Both putting the kids to work on it and the 10 bricks a day. The Rowan yarn all for baby presents?

A Hummer Homecoming! Despite my ecological California thing against Hummers (SUV's etc), I want one anyway. I mean, really, really want one. If only my car wasn't so darn new.

Karen said...

Oh no, I certainly wasn't try to imply anything with the chocolate. :) I'm glad ou enjoyed it!! I think my biggest advice on dying would be to mix several different colors to tone down or brighten up. Also, I found that the colors on the yarn would usually be much brighter than the colors you mixed in the pot. I guess it's all still kind of a gamble in the beginning. :)