Monday, May 18, 2009

To Do

Things to do in the crafting and reading arena this week.

1. Finish knitting neckbands for Claudie
2. Finish weaving first project on new Ashford Knitters Loom
3. Warp and start Noro Sock Yarn scarf on Loom.
4. Embroider two blocks for teachers retirement quilt
5. Finish sewing quilt top for teachers retirement quilt (top to go to quilters on Friday - argh!)
6. Cast on Seed Stitch Jacket
7. Finish reading Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and return to library
8. Block Claudie and finish.
9. Finish Libby Sweater (has been sat 90% completed for a couple months now - pathetic)
10. Do a destash - I feel like I'm drowning in so much stash that I can't appreciate what I do have.
11. Need to decide what show and tell project will be for camp and then get moving on it
12. Embroider one block for Madison's quilt
13. Sew a new sleep eye mask for Madison - (she became hooked on these when we went to England - I'm tired of the Virgin Atlantic ones she keeps wearing and am going to make her something cuter)

I am such a dreamer, but I love lists. It's how I accomplish things. I just love the crossing off part.

What's on your to-do lists this week?


Marina said...

Can I have some warning when you do #10? I missed those mitten kits you had the last time :-(

I'm not going to complete my knitting goal this week, since I've been putting 8 hour days in the garden.

JoAnn said...

Oh my - a knitting to do list. How much time do you have?

1) CO & complete mates of the other 2 completed socks that have been done since winter,

2) Finish summer sweater started in March 2008,

3) Finish 2 winter sweaters so I can wear them NEXT winter,

4) Marlene socks - which I just started and love working on
and is currently more fun than the above items,

5) Baseball socks - just a plain pair of knit socks to take to Gus' baseball games.

That's just my Knitting To-Do List. I also have a House To-Do, Garden To-Do and a Life To-Do List. Never ends, huh?

Carrie K said...

My list isn't nearly as ambitious as your list! In fact, mine is pretty much non existant.

So what did you do with your husband & children to accomplish all this? What? You're fitting them in too? Wonder Woman.

Carrie K said...

And - Kate Morton wrote more books? Why did this not occur to me?