Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday I spent the day (well, the majority of the day) at my friend Deb's house working on a quilt for one of the teachers at the Elementary School who is retiring. The teacher has taught three of my four children, and no matter how I beg won't stick around to teach EB in second grade in three years time (how rude of her).

She loves Red Cardinals, so we took one of the art class slots and had the kids work on drawing Cardinals with Oil Pastels. We then scanned them and printed them on Electric Quilting Companies Fabric Sheets (got the tips from Erin when she made some class quilts - thank you, Erin). We have 22 kids in the class, so to make things even, I embroidered two blocks. One with a quote and the other with the name of the quilt "You gave us wings!". On the name block we made sure to use the teacher's signature where she uses a sun for the last part of her name. I had to be a bit sneaky for that and ask her to write it down for Madison's scrapbook.

We have to get it to the quilter today, so I'm off to finish the borders, which has a cardinal print and four more of the kids birds set in the corners. It's such as easy quilt to make and has been so much fun. Will post finished pictures when I have them. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of it in progress.


marycatharine said...

That's a wonderful gift!

Carrie K said...

What a great idea and perfect gift.

Even if she is rudely leaving you in the lurch. The nerve of her, having a personal life. ;)

skeinsherway said...

Oh my goodness, that is so fabulous! And it is filling my head with so many ideas!!!