Sunday, January 29, 2012

Color Me Hatty

I've been whipping out hats left and right this month since participating in the Warm Up Winter KAL. Although that's not to say that they all haven't been needed or put to good use, but many of them hadn't been a real stretch of my skills or a challenge to complete in any time period, so I dug into Ravelry and my queue and fave's and came across a Kate Davies pattern that had caught my eye. Peerie Flooers Hat. It seemed the perfect project.I could use a new hat to wear under my ski helmet or before I put on my helmet at the ski resort and want to look cute, and this looked like fun to knit with lots of color changes, small needles needed (a personal favorite of mine to use). I dug in the stash and found I had colors that would work perfectly.

The project flew off the needles as I was excited to see each new phase of the hat emerging. I really love that about chart knitting. I'm a sucker for a good chart. Give me small yarn, size 1 or 2 needles and a intricate chart and you have one happy camper.

I only have the ends to weave in, which don't worry those followers who have seen me procrastinate in the past, I've already started and will finish it up tomorrow and take a modeled shot later in the day... promise! In the meantime, enjoy some pics of the fun project. I highly recommend it to those who want a fun fast color project. Remember Meg Swansen also says that knit hats as often as you can, there's always a head out there that needs a hat somewhere. That's why I tend not to swatch for hats, I just figure if it doesn't fit me, i have at least five other heads in my house alone, and many other friends to try, plus charities that are always looking for hats in the cold northwoods. I don't feel naughty at all about not swatching, as I know that Meg S. herself doesn't swatch either and usually considers her hats her swatches. See, I'm in good company.

Pattern: Peerie Flooers Hat by Kate Davies
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight - Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift
Needle: Size 1 Circ

10th Project for 2012
8th Project for Warm Up To Winter KAL

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Carrie#K said...

It's cute! I love the colors.