Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sweet as Honey

Because this is a New Year and I am now known as a Finisher of things and not just a Starter! (Cough, Cough! Well, at least for the last seven days that is - oh ye of little faith) I would like to show you my latest finished project - The Honey Cowl.

I love, love, love, this project. It's pretty mindless knitting, which is usually not my fave, but it's perfect for drs. waiting rooms and movie knitting and it's done before you know it then. The yarn is so beautiful that I loved the feel of it gliding between my fingers and the stitch pattern brings the colorway to life. It knits up into such a squishy and inviting cowl that I was eager to knit it so that I could start wearing it and, let's be honest, start getting the compliments.

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh
Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh merino light - 2 skeins - double stranded
Needles: Size 8 circ

I loved it so much that I've already wound some yarn to make the smaller version of the cowl in a different colorway. It's the perfect mindless project to have on hand. I highly recommend it. I'm sure I'll have it knit up soon, because as I mentioned before....I'm a finisher these days! ;)


Denise said...

It looks pretty:-) modeled shots?

Mtn Eng Teacher said...

Lovely, lovely cowl....I'm inspired!!

Carrie#K said...

Another FO?! Awesome! It's really pretty. Are all the things I hear about Madelinetosh yarns true?