Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Beginnings

Starting as I mean to continue I thought I'd write a quick post.

Although I've been off the blogging and ravelry radar for the past few months, it doesn't mean I haven't been busy with sticks and string. Although this past year was the toughest in my near forty years, yet again it has been proved to me that the gift of knitting that my wonderful Nanny Taylor gave to me provides me with so much more than just woolen goods to keep away the cold Wisconsin winters. It has truly given me so much this year, stitch after stitch pushing me on. The past few months I knit item after item for others with a stronger desire than ever to show them how much I appreciated them and their continued support. It felt so good to see how much they appreciated each gift and to see them time and time again wearing the items I had made for them. I knit a hat and a cowl for a fundraiser for my daughter's ballet theater group and was so excited to see the response and the battle taking place on the silent auction for the items and the amount they raised for the event. It was nice to see others valuing a knitters work.

As I start the New Year, I have set some goals for myself. I don't like to call them resolutions as those never seem to last, so I trick myself by calling them 'goals'. My main goal related to knitting is to continue to knit more for others and show my love for them by my love of knitting as I feel inspired. I had a appointment with one of my doctors on Friday and she loves bright and colorful clogs. She has been a lifesafer in the past few months and I kept finding myself thinking about how I really wanted to knit her some beautiful fun colorful socks. I have a doctor's appointment with a different doctor tomorrow and one of her receptionists just had a baby. She has been such a bright smile and kind voice throughout this past year and I'm taking in a baby sweater and angora saartje booties to give to her. As I knit them, I thought of her and how her smiling face sometimes helped me from wanting to run the other direction when I walked into the office and how she would chat to me and relax me before my appointments. I have a friend struggling with colon cancer at the moment and my mind is ticking over what knitted good she is in need of.

Here is just a very few of the items that have come off the needles in the past month or two.






As the year progressed I hope to share with you many items that I have knit for others, knitting love and appreciation into each stitch.

Tomorrow I'll post about more goals for the New Year and how I'm working on those.


Denise said...

Well, I'm doing the opposite this year and knitting for ME, after spending this past year knitting for my entire family, then boxing it all up and shipping it to England. I'm not sure half the stuff I sent will ever be worn :-/ so this year I'm focusing on me, as I see so many projects I'd love to do but never seem to have the time cos I am trying to knit for others! Not that I don't like doing that, I do, but I'm just taking a year off ;)

Carrie K said...

Those slippers are just too darling! Of course the rest of them are wonderful but love those little shoes.

"Start as you mean to continue" - now those are words to go by this year! Knitting for others is a lovely way to express it. For others to express it. :)