Friday, July 21, 2006

Bag Lady

I don't have a picture of my Bobbles Everywhere bag yet, as I had promised. It's sat at the Black Purl for others to admire for the time being, as I'm waiting for some handles to arrive.

Talking of bags, I did get a new knitting bag (apparently, I have a thing for knitting bags) from Lantern Moon, called City Lights. It's beautiful. Not very big, or probably practical, but it is a way to take along small projects on evenings out and still look dressed up, rather than toting around some hippie chic/suitcase sized bag.

I've been busy working on some of the WIP's, but seem to have lost my ability to get Gauge on my Dale Agave project. I've ripped out the body twice now. I have both of the sleeves completed and am trying to "get 'er done", but I had to play around to get the correct gauge (I forgot to notate what needle size I used for the sleeves, and the usual down one size didn't seem to work.) That's what you get for taking so long to finish a project.

I've also been whipping out some slippers/mukluks for Caleb today and seeing as they're turning out so fast, I'm going to make some for Declan and Ethan too. It gets a little cold in the Northwoods in the winter (which last 6 months), so I'm trying to get a head start on them. Actually, the boys asked me to knit them some slippers, so while they'll still wear handknits (before they reach teen/tween ages) I decided to take advantage of their fondness for the warm and fuzzy slippers.

I had to admit... I feel like a child counting down for Christmas. Maybe someone should put together a "Stitches Advent Calendar". I'm really looking forward to the classes I'm taking, meeting Marji and Jae (and if we can convince Marina to come see us), and all that shopping. I had to hunt down the book "Poems of Color" for my Bohus class. It arrived yesterday. It was worth the hunt - it's a really interesting read and the patterns are beautiful. It made me all the more antsy for the class, and I'm fighting the urge to call Kimmet Croft and order a Bohus Sweater Kit. I must show some willpower and at least wait until I've taken the class.

I ned


Carrie K said...

Stitches Midwest? I missed ours this year, but next year.

Karen said...

I LOVE that little knitting bag - and you're right, it's perfect for small projects and will look so dressy. Love it!! My grandmother used to knit slippers for me and my brother. Funny, but among all of the other things I missed about her when she died, I kept coming back to my slippers. So when I learned to knit, slippers were my second project. And my brother, who is now 36, kept asking "Hey, when are you going to make a pair for me?"! That was THE LAST thing I thought he'd ever want . . . but there's something about those hand knit slippers. Maybe your kids will never outgrow them either!!

Jae said...

That bag is perfect for evenings out! Atleast you can take yours out for the evenings. I get the eyeroll from my hubby. ;)

I can't wait for Stitches either. The shopping, the knitting, the chance to put faces to names!! Now if only my homework would knit itself while on work on my other projects.

Marji said...

Jae has a count-down calendar on her blog until Stitches. (that's something like an advent calendar)
I can't wait either. love the little Latern Moon bag.