Monday, July 03, 2006

I have a problem!

No wise cracks! I have a serious problem. I thought that the Fibromyalgia was a serious illness, but apparently I have one far worse ... Unfinishitis, or it's more common name, starter-of-knitting-projects,-but-never-finishing-project disease. This diagnosis can be confirmed by the following evidence.

List of projects not finished...

1. Dale Sisik Sweater - 90% of body completed
2. Dale Agave in Tiur - 2 sleeves completed
3. Louisa harding Periwinkle Shawl from Beachcomber Bay book - 100% knitted, needs ends wove in and button attached
4. Mason-Dixon Knitting Dishcloth Baby Kimono - 80% completed
5. Fibertrends Felted Baby Mary Janes - 100% knitted - needs felting and buttons attached
6. Philosophers Wool Color Your Own Sweater - 2 sleeves completed, 33% of body completed
7. Reynolds Odyseey - 100% of knitting completed, sewn together - needs 5 row collar knitted
8. Meg Swanson Unspun Icelandic Shawl - 100% knitting completed - needs ends woven in
9. Black Purl Cropped Ribbon Cardi - 100% knitted and finished - needs button attached
10. Koigu Knit Picks Elizabeth 1 lace scarf - 100% knitting completed - needs ends wove in and blocked
11. Koigu Charlotte's Web Shawl - 100% knitting completed - needs ends wove in and blocked
12. Rowan Calmer Shrug Sweater - 100% knitted and sewn together - needs edging reknit and blocked
13. Plymouth Baby Rimini Baby Blanket - 100% knitted - needs ends wove in
14. Baby Mist Alpaca Hat - 100% knitted - needs ends wove in
15. Baby Cow felted Hat - 100% knitted - needs sewing, ends wove in and felting
16. Great Adironack Fluff Scarf - 100% knitted - needs ends wove in
17. Felted Purple Ballet slippers for Madison - 100% knitted and finished - needs felting
18. Vivian Hoxbro Shadow Knit Cardigan - 90% complete knitted
19. Debbie Bliss Cashmere Baby Cardigan - 100% knitted - needs finishing
20. Odyssey Reynolds Scarf for Steve - need to lengthen - knit one other ball - (66% complete)
21. Classic Elite Premiere Shrug (own design) - needs shoulder shaping reworked & finished
22. Bobbles Everywhere Bag - needs 192 bobbles sewn & attached to bag - bag needs felting
23. Trekking XXL Lacey Nancy Bush Vintage Sock - 1st sock complete - needs 2nd sock knitted

Obviously there is no denying my problem. Therefore, I have decided that I must complete a minimum of 10 of the above projects before attending Stitches. I think that should be very easy considering that more than half of them are 100% knitted and just need finishing. This goes to proove that I am definitely a process knitter and not a product knitter for those who wondered.

In light of the need to finish projects, I have been sorting through the yarn stash and have come across some never started projects to be destashed. I will be the posting the following on Destash for Cash in a couple days, but first thought I'd give some (if there are any) of my blog readers a chance for first dibs.

Anny Blatt Rustique Yarn - 17 skeins - color Brume 064 (plus extra skein from swatching). Retail was $8.95 per skein so would have been $152+. I'll sell it for $90 OBO

Philosopher Wool Kilim Jacket Kit in Deep Sea colorway with clasps not buttons - retails for $142 so will sell for $90 OBO

(note: blogger isn't uploading pictures for some reason, so I have linked some pics from the web for you to see the yarns)

Anyone interested, let me know at my email - knittinbrit at charter dot net. The yarn comes from a smoke free and pet free home.

Now, I'm off to try and get some of those projects finished. I'll keep you updated.


Marina said...

If this was a competition, you'll be the winner ;-) But you're right, you have quite a few things where the knitting part is finished. So, go and finish them! And then comes the fun part of showing off ;-)

Carrie K said...

There are so many!

But so many of them are done!!!

I would definitely go with the 'finish 10 of them' first because it's mostly weaving.

(Mind you, The Shell sits, a single shoulder seam sewn, for the last couple of weeks. And when I bought my long circ today, a few skeins threw themselves shamelessly at me).

Marji said...

LOL at Carrie.
Meanwhile girl, I can see where 11 of them got finished already. If they hadn't I'd be standing here ready to push a little. (says she with 8 projects ONT and another 4 waiting on finishing)
So whew, now you can go to stitches. I'm so glad!