Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rekindling lost love

By making myself buckle down and finish wip's, I've rediscovered how much I loved the Vivian Hoxbro shadow jacket kit I bought at stitches mw last year. I love how every 2 rows you switch colors... And the colors in the fall colorway are gorgeous that I find myself admiring the gradual changes of color. Tht yarn is a delight to knit with and sick and twisted as I am, I love the size 2 and 3 needles. It's so close to being finished and i'll savor these last few days of our relationship.

I'm still without a computer. The geek squad are coming at 8am to fix it. In the meantime, thanks everybody for your supportive comments and for helping me realize I'm not alone in my drowning in ufo's.


Marji said...

LOL, we are a lot alike, I too love my 2's and my fav size to knit with are 3's. Anything over a size 8 needle might as well be a juice can in my hands.
glad to hear you have a date with the geeks

Carrie K said...

Looking forward to the pictures! I like the smaller needles because the patterning is so much more interesting, but there are times when I wish I'd picked a HUGE CHUNKY QUICKLY DONE project.

Anonymous said...
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