Thursday, July 13, 2006

We're on a roll now.

I'm still working hard on the WIP list, although I have been busy knitting on the sample for Black Purl and have finished the back already. Here's the latest update on the WIP's.

The Vivian Hoxbro Sideways Shadow Jacket has 100% of the knitting completed. Now, I just need to graft the back seam together and knit the side seams. Although this seemed to take forever to knit, I love it. I love the yarn, the needles and the colors and the pattern was interesting, with the exception of knitting tiny rows of 340+ stitches.

(This is a picture of one side of the jacket)

I've also finally finished sewing all the bobbles for the Bobbles Everywhere bag. You knit them as round/rectangular swatches and then baste around the edges and cinch them into bobbles. Sounds fun, well it was 100+ bobbles ago. You then have to attach all the bobbles to the purse by tying them on (which fortunately doesn't take as long as you'd think). Then give the ends a haircut... and it's time for felting. I'll felt it later today as I'm taking the kids swimming for a little while so that I can pretend I'm an attentive mother who doesn't long for bedtime each night so that she can sit and knit on the deck 'til her fingers get pins and needles.

I've been reading an interesting group of books lately. (yes, I read lots of books at one time, just like I knit many WIP's). Easy pool and kids sport watching reading is "Devil Wears Prada" it's hilarious and want to see the movie because I love Meryl Streep and I can really picture nailing the role of "her". I've also been reading Leeway Cottage, by Beth Gutcheon, it's a relaxing summer reading book. I just picked up "Amagansett" by Mark Mills as that looked interesting also.


Karen said...

I loved the book version of Devil Wears Prada. I was very happy with the movie too, but I think I liked the book better (I almost always do though). Meryl played that role PERFECTLY. You'll love her in the movie.

Carrie K said...

Every time I see the Black Purl, I think of the Black Pearl. Darn Disney anyway.

That purse looks like it's going to be so cute!

Don't all parents long for bedtime? If only to reduce the noise factor?

Terri said...

Your Bobbles Everywhere bag is so cool. I can't wait to see it after it has been felted. I can't believe how many bobbles there are.

Marji said...

love the bobbles everywhere bag, although I can't believe you took it on.
and yes, we are alike. reading happens in multiples. I'm hoping to see the movie DWP - I've heard it's better than the book. Which in some ways I felt was just a little too whiney, self serving on the part of the narrator.
Want some books? I've burdened Carrie with more than enough for awhile, and sent some "Liz I" reading to Sherry. methinks it's your turn.
oh, we are both in Lily Chins darting class at Stitches. can't wait - well, after doing the homework I can't wait. ;)

tawnyatay said...

Hello . . . I'm the girl that bought your Cascade Fixation, and you have a pretty awesome blog -- you're definitely a very talented knitter.

I'm so glad that I found your yarn on DeStash -- I adore the color, and there's nowhere locally to buy Cascade yarns.


Marina said...

Is that the Nono bobble bad? I was thisclose to buying the pattern for last night but was going to substitute the cammelias for the bobbles.

Is it done? It looks too cute!

Anonymous said...

You've given me inspiration on finishing my WIPs too! Thanks and good job!!
Secret Pal