Sunday, July 02, 2006

Delayed Shout Out to Secret Pal's

They say "better late, than never!" Words I live by these days. I finally snapped some pics of the two most recent packages I had received. One from Karla, my Project ColorSwap partner for June and one from ?? my Secret Pal 8 partner.

The first is the colorswap package - Blue was June's color. What a lovely job Karla did when putting this package together. There is so much variety and lots to take in. The fun yarn, that my daugher wants a scart knit out of (we'll see) and then the mints (I consider mints a yarn bag staple), Note pad, Diary, lotions, Knitting booklet, so much more more. Thank you Karla for such a nicley thought out package. I can tell you really put a lot of effort into it.

My Secret Pal 8 partner, outdid herself again, with gorgeous yarn in one of favorite colors (brown) in a silk/kid mohair blend from ArtFibers (hint: she lives by ArtFiber - the Ms. Marple/Agatha Christie sleuth in me is itching to investigate and discover her true identity). There's so much yarn per ball - 515yds. I haven't swatched it yet to see wText Colorhat it wants to become. Any suggestions? Thank you. It is beautiful. I now need to research the company on the web and see what other delicious yarns they have to offer.

I received in the mail on Saturday my registration packet for Stitches along with all the homework. I am SOOOOO excited. I have decided in the meantime to work like a demon to get some projects finished up before I go to the show, and then I'll feel freer to purchase more (like anything stops me). I'm also looking forward to meeting Marji our Tudor Rose Host and the rest of you lingerers who might be in attendance. Let's meet up.

Thank you everyone for the kind words/thoughts on my illness. I'm trying to adjust to the new meds and live with the side effects. Hopefully this will pass soon. But I do appreciate your support in the knitting community. Mostly I appreciate the outlet to express myself and be accepted for who I am not what I am.

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