Friday, November 20, 2009


I forgot!

I forgot that kids would still need to be ready and on the bus by 6:50am.

I forgot that another child would need to be driven to their school for an early morning meeting.

I forgot that I still had a preschooler to care for, drive to school, and have a play date.

I forgot that less than three hours of sleep is pushing it, even for me and my insomniac self. (3 is my minimum, 4 hours and I can function well)

I forgot that it's a bad idea when you're tired, the mountain of cola that you've pumped into your system so that you'd keep being pre-holiday productive would eventually wear off and you'd not be thinking very clearly.

I forgot that it's probably a bad idea to grab a few rushed minutes to cut out backing for the "place mats" (in case you were wondering what they were) as I ended up with cutting them too small.

I forgot that after 9pm on the night that you got less than three hours of sleep would be a bad time to decide to quilt place mats.

I forgot that I'd have shaky hands.

I forgot that I was trying not to swear anymore.

I forgot to immediately fix my mistakes.

I forgot to go to bed early so that I wouldn't make bad judgement calls.


I just remembered. I'm off to "Bedfordshire" and will try to remember tomorrow.

1 comment:

Carrie K said...

That sounds like something we all forget annually. Hope all is recovered!