Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diagnosis: Pecan Pie-itis

I'm not sure if I've eaten too much turkey or stuffed myself on pecan pie, but I'm feeling a bit poorly. We've had family in town and I've been waiting on them the past few days. Sleep has been very limited and I it might be catching up with me, because I feel like I've been hit by a truck. My body aches and I have no energy. I might be sick or I might be craving some alone/me time.

I have had very little time to myself so project progress ground to a halt. I had done some knitting but a certain little puppy has decided that it should be his chew toy and snagged it off the couch and did some damage which I just finished fixing. It appears that he's a little confused and thinks he is a kitty, because balls of yarn fascinate him. Maybe he's getting back at me because he heard me talking to the vet about getting him neutered. (although who could blame him for that). Any tricks on how to train your puppy/dog not to eat your knitting?

I did get some sewing time in with Madison on Saturday for some doll blankets for her American Girl Doll bed. I was pretty impressed with her eye for design and how she told me what she wanted and went a very different direction than I had planned. It almost bought a tear to my eye.

Hopefully I'll find a minute tomorrow after company leaves to take some progress pics.

I'm tired and I need to head to Bedfordshire and relax.

Before I go:

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Jessica from RoseKimKnits!


Jessica said...

You should definitely rest. And send any remaining pecan pie with my yarn. :)
You really can't train a puppy not to eat a particular thing like knitting. Like most dog training it's really about training the owner. For the time being you just have to make sure to keep all little nibbly things out of reach. When Belly was a puppy she used to lick the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. The only solution was to not leave any dishes in the sink. Now that she's older and mellowed she doesn't bother anything in the sink or on the kitchen counters.

marycatharine said...

Have fun with the yarn Jessica!

It sounds like you need rest either way and alone time never hurt anyone. The only dog I ever knit around loves to think about chewing my knitting but so far I've prevented it. I'm not sure how you could train a puppy to stay away.

stitching under oaks said...

Get to bed young lady and take good care of yourself! (sorry the mom in me just couldn't resist!) I hope your feeling more like yourself in the morning. Have a great week!

Denise said...

Hope you feel better soon. I did good and didn't overdo it with the turkey and pies (I'm saving myself for my Milk Tray) ;-)