Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was teaching a class tonight at the Black Purl and one of the students asked about a problem she had with her blocking. She didn't have any blocking pins on hand so had used regular pins which then rusted leaving small rust marks on her white baby sweater.

Any tips on how to get them out?????

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Jessica said...

I wish I did. I tried many, many things when I felted my Hemlock Ring Blanket and got rust all over it. But I wasn't able to get the rust out.

marycatharine said...

Gah! I don't have any experience with this but I've heard that soaking the stains with lemon juice and then drying in the sunshine can help. I'd test it on a bit of the yarn first to make sure the lemon doesn't bleed the dye. Wish her luck!

Carrie K said...

Prayer? I don't have any ideas either. Poor thing.

Did you find your cord for the Addi clicks?

Brenda said...

Maybe club soda - I know it works on blood and wine stains, so it's worth a try. Also I'm thankful for yarn because it keeps me busy and warm ;-)

halloweentango said...

Not that I have EVER tried this but does Oxyclean get out rust? I seem to remember something about that product or a version of it for laundry......just a thought....Getting stains out has never been my specialty.