Saturday, November 07, 2009


After reviewing the patterns I was contemplating for the Lustra, I arrived at a decision. I'm going with my original plan - Seneca.

Today, I was a little busy with taking a sick puppy to the animal hospital at 7am this morning. He's still there - should be home tomorrow - sniff, sniff.

A day spent Up North doing this....

And in between all the ups and downs of the day, I swatched for Seneca. Started with a 8 - what was I thinking. I'm a very loose knitter. Then switched to a 6 - perfection! (fun centered increase and decrease - it's the small things that make me happy!)

Now, I have to be strong and not go any further until I sew up Claudia. Unfortunately, I have no willpower. zippo. It's why I spend my life desperately trying to work off a few pounds - diets just aren't my thing. Again, it's that willpower thing.

Character flaws... I have many. What's yours?


JoAnn said...

Don't get me started on character flaws - I just got home from church. I guess my biggest ones are impulsiveness and impatience. It's hard working towards a resolution on those.

I hope Winston gets better soon!

Carrie K said...

Flaws? perfection? ;)

Oh, give in and cast on. Two is more fun than one! Right?