Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Catching up

October was a truly crazy month. It involved the following:

Clusterous Migraines (I'm new to these and don't want any more- she says stamping foot)
Football injuries
Preschooler falling out of bed and cutting his head open
A car wreck (poor black beauty - I miss you - hurry home to me)
1 suspected case of Pertussis
1 case of Flu
80's Murder Mystery Halloween party
One hosting of a baby shower
Trip to Madison to see Caleb perform in the Wisconsin Mid Level State Honors Choir - it was truly amazing - professional quality
Luckily, less puppy accidents than last month
Finishing of some knitting - woo hoo - still need to seem together one sweater that for some strange reason appeared to be the black hole of sweaters
Many friends families completely hit with Swine Flu - so many meals delivered to sick families
One funeral
New addiction to Sanguine Gryphon yarn - me likey's alot!!!

It's been crazy at times but certainly not boring. Now we're heading into the Holiday season and I've got a mountain of projects I want to work on.

Blog posting was set on a back burner for a few months really, but I'm feeling motivated to post again and get back in the saddle.

I have one quick question: I was at the gym today and the trainer had me doing lots of jump-roping to warm up. Which part of "I have four kids" seemed like this was a good thing to have me do. Having given birth to four kids and jump roping definitely do not go together. What strange thing did you have to give up after having kids?

While you mull over this, enjoy some pics from this past month. Bugga in Carabus - used this for my Soctober Mystery Sock. This stuff knits up like Butter. More Sanguine Gryphon! Someone stop me. The children's college funds may be at risk!!!!

Finally, he has a name - Sir Winston Humvee the First - seriously, it took us a month to come up with this. He normally goes by Winston. He's my baby and I love him.

My outfit for the 80's Halloween Murder Mystery party. My character was Polly Abdool. Winston is in the picture for cuteness factor. Adorable, isn't he?

Here's the one showing off the Queen t-shirt I scored at TJMaxx. I'll be honest, I love this. It will not just be for the benefit of the costume party.

Black Beauty in the shop. All I got to show for it was a bump on the head, a bloody nose, a miniscule cut on my finger and a major bruise to my ego.

Okay, maybe I didn't mention the Wollmeise addiction that got under way too.

Ouch!!!! Still he felt the need to tell his mum how he loved her all the way to space and back again while we were waiting for stitches.

His stitches before they took them out. This kid is sooo brave. I love him more everyday.


Angie said...

Good to hear from you, Kim. Rest assured, your life sounds similar to mine. All is well here in Illinois, and we may even get to start harvest, albeit about 4-6 weeks late...darned rain!

JoAnn said...

Jeesh, I'm exhausted by reading your blog - I think I need a nap :)
You've been a busy girl, but what a full life you lead.
I hope the Preschooler and the truck recover well. You're quite the 80's gal - great costume. Winston is a cute guy also! Glad to hear he's adjusting well to his new home.

See you at the BP soon, I hope!

(any interest in the Wollmeise trade I emailed you about?)

Carrie K said...

Yikes, that cut! Brave kid.

Sounds like a busy month! Polly Abdool and Winston look adorable.

Our fam got hit w/swine flu too. Not pretty.

Sanguine Gryphon? Must check out....

Alison said...

Ouch! Poor brave cutie!