Thursday, November 05, 2009


Evidence that the yarn acquisitioning may have gotten a little out of control....

Around a month ago, I purchased a sweaters worth of this yarn.

It's Lustra by Berroco in Auburgine. Beautiful, eh?!

When I purchased this yarn, I had a plan. I remember making sure I had the right yardage and had Beth wind it for me to start asap. Only problem, I have NO idea what that project was for. I've searched high and low for a pattern and can't figure out why I bought it. Maybe a sign that the purchasing was getting a little out of control.

Any ideas what this yarn wants me to make it into?
Note: gauge is 4.5 sts to the inch.


Marji said...

Love the Claudia sweater, it's gorgeous!
You sure you're just not getting up there in years? ;) OR it might be that the yarn acquisition is out of control. :)
Depending on how much you have, you might make one of those Ysolda Teague designs that are so figure conscious...or my fav for several years running, so I know I must make it soon, is the Bed and Breakfast pullover. The design is in my Ravelry queue. It's one of those comfy Saturday with jeans sweaters.

Nancy said...

Maybe your yarn is ready to become The Green Sweater (Cardigan), soon to be released by SHP?

Carrie K said...

Did you check your queue on Ravelry? Or faves?