Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time changes everything

Growing up in England, whenever we had a friend visiting the states I would beg them to bring me home some Suzy Q's. They were my favorite treat.

Yesterday while doing some grocery shopping I spotted a box of Suzy Q's who literally begged me to take them home. I'm such a softie and couldn't resist their oh so sweet plea's.

As soon as I got home and had given Ethan his lunch, (and after snapping a picture of the box for blogging purposes) I ripped open the box and pulled one out to devour. I think angels were singing, and possibly there were fireworks, I can't be sure. Then, I took a bite..... "Hmmmm, that's not how I remember it." So, I took another bite, and then another. I finished it off, but with a lot less enthusiasm than I had started with.

It was so ordinary and I felt so let down.

Some things are just better in our memories.
Has this ever happened to you?
Moving on....

Finally fixed a little problem with the sewing machine and finished up the two blocks for my Tethered Threads Block Party.

Wednesday, I plan on getting lots of sewing done on a gift project for a friend. I really should be getting my house ready for Thanksgiving and starting all of the baking I need to do. We have family coming into town and I'm nowhere need ready. Still, procrastination isn't just my middle name....


JoAnn said...

I love your coordinated fabrics! Can't wait to see the finished product.

What a let down on the Suzy Q's! I wonder if it would be the same for me & Twinkies!?

Jessica said...

Hopefully your tastes have evolved since your childhood. They have probably also changed the recipe so that it no longer contains any recognizable ingredients.

stitching under oaks said...

I've had that happen to me...let down by my expectations. Your blocks look great! Very nice!

Carrie K said...

I love the black & white! Elegant.

Isn't that awful? When you get to try a treat from long ago and find out that your taste buds were not quite so evolved back in the day? Oh well.